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"Our hairdressing business is focused on the needs of our clients to create the best possible results for you".


Haircut (without shampoo)                               Shampoo, cut & style                                         

Shampoo & blow wave

Short hair

Shoulder length hair

Long hair                                     

Basin hair treatment plus blow dry                            

Shampoo & straightening /tong                     

Shampoo & set                                                  

Fringe trim 

Keratin treatment

Short hair

Shoulder length  hair

Long hair

Extra long hair 
















Shampoo, cut & style                     Clipper cut                               Beard trim                                      Boys(under 12)

Shampoo & cut





1/2 Head highlights (without colour)      Full head highlights (without colour)       
1/2 head highlights (with colour)               
Full head highlights (with colour)             
Permanent colour retouch (one colour) Permanent colour retouch (multiple colours)

Semi permanent retouch (one colour)   

Semi permanent retouch (multiple colours)  







For technical services:
* Hair over shoulder length add an extra 20%
* Long hair below shoulder blade and super thick add an extra 30%
* All technical services include blow wave but do not include haircut. 



Farhein Akmal

It was such a good experience. As I was going clubbing that night, I asked if she can curl my hair.. and if you have seen the video in this post, you can see how pretty my soft curls were!! The best part was I got it curled around 4ish pm and I went clubbing at 11ish and my curls were still rocking 😍 (and that doesn’t happen often as I have stubborn straight hair)🙄


Kiana Raka

This place deserves a 5-star rating! This was the first time I hairdyed my hair and it turned out fantastic. Thank you to Anne (I hope I spell her name correctly) who gave me a good colour recommendation and patiently got my hair done. Worth the price and experience. 😊


Gail Etzine

This Salon offers value and good service. Friendly staff. Nothing fancy in the decor but the hairdressers do wonderful cuts and colour and pay attention to detail. Excellent value for money.


Monica Sharma

Very happy with the service. Never disappointed. Highly recommended, I have been going there for more than 20 years. 👍👍👍


Yoga Collative

I have never had a bad colour here. My hair normally goes a unique shade of orange but Annie has nailed my ashy blonde every time! I wish I’d found you decades ago!!!


Sakina Bohari

Absolutely love my haircut. The lady who cut my hair, heard me out and advised the correct cut. Highly recommend this place.

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